Sommy K.

My family lives in the area, and I play soccer at a univiersity in the area. I was back home for the summer and came across this gym on livingsocial for a great deal to try, and I've now been going for the last two years. 

I've played competitive soccer my whole life and never have I felt as healthy and aware of my health as I did when I began crossfit at Resurgens. Dorian's enthusiasm compounds on the great, welcoming attitude from the other coaches and members of the gym.

I used to sprain my ankle about three times a year playing soccer- one of the single most frustrating injuries. Crossfit at Resurgens has GREATLY decreased how injury prone I've become! I've now gone two seasons straight without injury and learned so much about my body and how to supplement it with a great diet and workouts at Resurgens. I could not recommend this gym enough! Even just for a drop-in. Come meet some great, motivational people!

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