Published May 31, 2016

Adam Garcia



Adam grew up participating in multiple sports including soccer, lacrosse, swimming, tennis, and boxing. Outside of the gym, he is a Procurement professional, devoted husband and advocate of holistic wellness in the workplace and at home. He began his CrossFit journey at the end of 2011 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He returned to Atlanta in 2012, which was when he joined the Resurgens family and fell in love with the culture of CFR. He firmly believes in technical soundness and having fun while striving for a healthier self. He is a level 1 Certified Coach and an avid competitor in local competitions.

A Message from Adam:

A sound mind and body begins with dedication to one’s activity level and diet. CrossFit will enable you to be the best version of you. It starts with a smile and the willpower to do the things you need to do now so you can do the things you want to do later.

Favorite WOD: DT